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    Chimera Industries

    The Chimera Industries born at the end of the 60s, thanks to a collaboration of the most eminent scientists and researchers in the fields of psychology, psychiatry and medicine.

    Driven by the desire to fully understand the human mind and social behavior undertaken by the human being, a small team of doctors and specialists begins a series of research and testing that go up to the present day, probing the very depths the recesses of the human instinct and its effects on the behavior and on society.

    With the initial successes in the field of neuropsychiatry and treatment of chronic psychological disorders, the Chimera Industries reached a prominent place in the scientific community, dictating new protocols and new standards of excellence.

    In 2003, the R & D team of Chimera Industries was awarded the prestigious Graupmahn-DeVille for Medical Research Clinic, on the non-linear stochastic sampling and a new and fresh approach to the interpretation of Maslow’s pyramid about the needs of the human standard.

    The activities of the Society and suffer a sudden halt at the beginning of 2006 as a result of an investigation by the Ministry of Health together with the Canadian and the U.S. about the quality and treatment of patients during medical experiments and trials related to the project Mind Over Matter, undertaken by Chimera Industries from the year 2004. Following the investigation, 24 doctors and nurses of the Chimera are on trial for torture, abuse and violation of human rights.

    The team of researchers from the Chimera is dissolved. To this day do not know the names belonging to the project that were not investigated by the authorities.

    In the year 2008, thanks to funds and donations from businesses and private institutions, the Chimera Industries back on the front pages of newspapers, announcing a “sea change” and “a newfound motivational and human.” There is a contest in the world for the recruitment of medical personnel involving almost all the big names of medicine and modern science, culminating in December of the same year with the appointment of a new team that has been presented to the world as excellence in research and clinical trials.

    In 2013, not without difficulty and aftermath disrepute from world public opinion, the Chimera Industries launch the new project White Room, in order to resume the research undertaken by the team predecessor, thanks to the strong consensus transmitted from the top the Government and the Ministry of Health United States. The project aims to sample and improve the psychological and clinical approach to the primal needs of human beings.

    Despite the awards and the apparent contribution made to all mankind, scientists and employees of Chimera Industries remain shrouded in the shadows of anonymity, protected from interference by outside interests, and strangers to the world of research and pure science (according to what is written on the “Letter to the Community”, compiled and distributed by the major national and international authorities in 2009).

    The recruitment of volunteer patients for the project White Room is still in progress.

    We do not know the details yet.

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    Content created and owned by “Huginn Studio Daniele Bachicchi.” Chimera Industries is a fictional work, any reference to actual events and / or real people is to be considered purely accidental.