• 06May

    Presentation “Chimera Industries : Project White Room”

    “Chimera Industries: Project White Room” is a new video game in development of the “Huginn Studio” for ios and android mobile devices.
    The game is set in a room completely empty, with no possibility of interactions with other human beings and objects. Will you be able to resist until the end of quarantine without going crazy?

    The “Chimera Industries”, a secret society that deals with experiments on the human mind, has opened a new call for his new project “White Room”:

    The experiment consists in the isolation of 40 days of the subject in a room with no possibility of human interaction with objects. At the end of the days mentioned the subject will be rewarded with a large sum of money, able to sustain for the duration of his future life. Chimera Industries assumes no responsibility for possible side effects and deaths throughout the course of the test. Think you’re up to it?

    In order to not go crazy, you have to be very careful with your mental reasoning. You will need to associate the “primary” thoughts in such a way as to create more complex thoughts. Keep active mental exercise will allow the subject to not go crazy and then to overcome the quarantine imposed by the experiment. Each subject will have different needs and, consequently, different thoughts.

    The game is currently in development, will update you on any developments of the game! Follow us to stay updated on the news!


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    Content created and owned by “Huginn Studio Daniele Bachicchi.” Chimera Industries is a fictional work, any reference to actual events and / or real people is to be considered purely accidental.