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    Result test subject WR001

    Test Report Patient WR001

    ID: WR001

    Age: 37

    Gender: M

    Blood type: 0 -

    Chronic diseases recorded: Asthma, cardiac disorders minor

    Duration of test: 17 days

    Charge of the experiment: HSWR57

    Outcome: Failed


    DAY 1 12:00 = The patient enters the room. Emotional state: stable. Health status: optimal.

    Day 5 13:25 = The patient simulates its work for 8 consecutive hours. Emotional state: slightly altered.

    DAY 8 00:15 = The patient breaks the middle finger of the left hand voluntarily. Emotional state is not stable.

    DAY 12 hours = 07:57 The patient is seized with hysterical for a total of 5 hours and 43 minutes. Emotional state is not stable.

    DAY 13 hours = 03:42 The patient enters a state of wakefulness. Health status: catatonic.

    Day 16 12:28 = The patient ends wakefulness and falls asleep. Nothing to report.

    Day 16 22:41 = The patient wakes up. He does not remember falling asleep. Emotional state: highly unstable, dangerous.

    DAY 17 hours = 14:02 The patient is seized with a panic attack as a result of an asthma attack. Unable to regain control of himself, at 15:05 he was seized by a heart attack. The aggressive patient, resuscitation attempts are futile. Time of death: 15:07.

    Test result is negative, the patient died before the completion of the test.

    Document Taken From “Chimera Industries: Project White Room”.

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