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    Result Test subject WR002

    Test Report Patient WR002

    ID: WR002

    Age: 34

    Gender: M

    Blood type: AB-

    Chronic diseases recorded: No

    Duration of test: 40 days

    Charge of the experiment: HSWR93

    Outcome: Failed


    DAY 1 12:00 = The patient enters the room. Emotional state: stable. Health status: optimal.

    Day 5 09:13 = The patient has a panic attack. Emotional state: slightly altered, tending to anger.

    Day 5 11:17 = The patient, as a result of a panic attack, he falls asleep. Nothing to report.

    DAY 20 hours = 18:57 The patient begins to speak in an incomprehensible language. Emotional state: altered.

    DAY 25 hours = 18:57 The patient is biting his arm, he begins to write his name on the floor with blood spilled. Nurses fail after 30 minutes to convince him to cure himself of his wounds. Emotional state: unstable. Health status: distinct change in weight compared to the last checkpoint weekly.

    Day 30 18:57 = The patient has a hysterical: screams and sudden movements uninterrupted. Emotional state: unstable, dangerous for himself and for others. State of health: the road to recovery.

    DAY 35 hours = 18:57 The patient is placed in a fetal position in the middle of the room, vociferating gibberish for 12 hours. Emotional state: severely unstable, tending to suicide. Health status: Stable.

    Day 40 12:00 = The patient is opposed to the attempt of workers to take him out of the room, having finished the test. She wiggles screaming incomprehensible words. His mind has suffered permanent damage, such as the test of 3 days after confirm.

    Test result is negative, the patient has exceeded the 40-day quarantine, but suffered permanent brain damage, and was transferred into the structure CI64, that is followed by specialized medical personnel and taken care of by the unrest accumulated during the experiment, prior to the release in the real world.

    Document Taken From “Chimera Industries: Project White Room”.

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